About us

The Panhellenic Union of Shipowners – Shipowners of Trailers & Lifeboats “Agios Nikolaos” was founded in 1996 and operates continuously until today.

It is the historical development of 50 years and the continuation of previous Associations of Towing Ship Owners, which were founded in the 1970s and represents small and large towing and rescue companies operating in the main ports of the country as well as in the open sea.​​

For the needs of our members’ fleet, more than 350 people are employed on our ships and about 200 people in the companies’ offices.

The Board of Directors

Following an election process among the members of the Union and in accordance with the procedure defined by the Statute of the Union, the 7-member Board of Directors consists of:

  • President: Konstantinos Lybousakis
  • Vice president: Konstantinos Makaronas
  • General secretary: Ioannis Zoumpoulis
  • Treasurer: Theodoros Vamvakaris
  • Members: Giorgos Giannisis, Evaggelos Avlonitis, Thrasivoulos Stavridopoulos.

Our mission

  • Promoting the safety of towing services by implementing best work practices adopted by the relevant International and Regional Bodies.
  • The promotion and protection of the interests of our members, whose ships provide towing and salvage services to ships sailing in Greek ports and on the high seas.
  • The representation of the above ships and their owners before any authority, administrative, judicial, etc. to support and promote the interests of the members of the Union,
  • The study and promotion of the issues concerning the sector and the cooperation with any person or authority, as well as with any related or non-union, association, organization, association, etc. for the best possible solution of common problems and to deal with them together,
  • The study and promotion of issues concerning both Greek and Global shipping and in particular those mentioned in our sector,
  • Negotiating with shipping unions and participating in drawing up or amending collective labor agreements, or in resolving any related issue, as well as representing our members before any authority, as a litigant, 
  • The participation of the Union in the process of solving problems concerning the ships of our members.